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According to psychologists of the Russian Ministry of Education and the parents of our pupils, children who were taught according to the Bereslavsky Method are noted by:

  • High level of concentration
  • Creative thinking
  • Developed memory, including factual memory
  • Ability to “act virtually, i.e. analyze options in their mind”
  • Strive for intellectual activity
  • Independent opinions, a developed concept of “self”
  • High level of learning activity
  • Constructive and image thinking
  • Relatively high speed of thinking
  • Ability for abstract thinking
  • Ability to adapt in various circumstances

Impressions of childhood are not easily forgotten. Children, like sponge, absorb impressions, knowledge, but they do not always show immediate results.

Our observations show that children who went to our School for Early Intellectual Development show superior levels of intellectual activity, they usually have an intense interest in a specific field or subject, possess their own goals and program for life, easily study at school.
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